Who are the Bible Students? Where do they come from? These are questions frequently asked by those who seek to identify this movement and its origins. This site is meant to answer these queries. Seeking to place the Bible Student movement…
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The Lord is Coming! William Miller and the Early Advent Movement


William Miller was born in Pittsfield, Massachusettes, February 15, 1782 to William and Paulina Phelps Miller.

When he was just four years old his parents relocated to the eastern part of New York. It was here that William grew up and received a limited education in the public schools, and was married on June 29, 1803, to Lucy Smith. He became a soldier and served in the War of 1812. As a recompense he received 200 acres of land in Low Hampton, New York, where he made his home until his death.

Paul S. L. Johnson (1873-1950)


PAUL SAMUEL LEO JOHNSON, known internationally as Professor Johnson, author, lecturer, biblicist, pastor, editor, scholar, professor and preacher, was born at Titusville, Pa., October 4, 1873; died October 22, 1950. He was married January 3, 1905, to Emma B. McCloud, daughter of a Columbus contractor. No children blessed this union. His wife survives him.

Both of his parents were of Hebrew descent and pre-natal influence largely contributed to his work as a servant of God. His father and he inherited their immense physical strength from his grandfather, who was a very strong man. His father was a baker in Poland, who, while in his twenties, came to America, where for six months he worked 20 hours each day, except on the Sabbath when he rested, in order that he might send for his wife and children to come to America. Bro. Johnson’s father was of high intelligence and as a linguist could speak fluently in 14 different languages. His mother sailed to America in a sailboat which many times was in danger of capsizing in the severe storms which it encountered. These trials occasioned her, a naturally devout woman, to draw very close to God for His help. Little Paul inherited his religious capacities from his mother, and his physical strength and mental powers from his father. He was born about nine months after his parents’ reunion in America and the family settled in Titusville, Pa., which at that time was a booming oil city.

Laodicean Home Missionary Movement

Laodicean HMM

John W. Krewson was a member of the Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement who withdrew in protest over the leadership of Raymond Jolly, who had succeeded Paul S. L. Johnson. In 1955, within months of Johnson’s death, Krewson was disfellowshipped and soon began to publish a periodical, The Present Truth of the Apocalypsis. He offered Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement members an option to John J. Hoefle, who had also been disfellowshipped and had formed the Epiphany Bible Students Association. They began to argue, each casting doubt on the other’s right to preach and asserting that the other was not a pilgrim (preacher with proper credentials). As time passed, Jolly, Hoefle and Krewson have continued the intrafamily feud; sometimes Jolly and Krewson agree against Hoefle, and sometimes Jolly and Hoefle agree against Krewson. Krewson and Hoefle disagreed on Johnson’s status as the last saint on earth, Hoefle arguing that Charles Taze Russell’s appointments of other pilgrims (who were still alive) was ample refutation. Both Hoefle and Jolly joined in refuting Krewson’s teaching on the apocalypse.

John J. Hoefle – Obituary


Obituary, “Mount Dora Topic,” April 26, 1984:

“John J. Hoefle, 89, 1901 Morningside Drive, Mount Dora, died Monday, April 23. Born in South Bend, Indiana, he moved to Mount Dora in 1951 from Detroit, Michigan.
He was president of Epiphany Bible Students Association and is survived by his wife, Emily Hoefle of Mount Dora, sisters, Mrs. Laura Schaeffer and Mrs. Clara Wolf (Wolff), both of Dayton, Ohio. Also several nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were held Wednesday from Rehbaum-Harden Chapel with Pastor William Vroom and Pastor Roy Ekroth officiating. Interment was in Pine Forest Cemetery, Mount Dora. Rehbaum-Harden Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.” John married Emily Horn on March 27, 1951.